• Introduction

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as a complete consulting house in Nepal having registered office at capital city Kathmandu. Due to the globalization to choose the partner for the future success seems to be easier at this moment.But the complexity behiend it has to be studied minutely. 

There are some major area to know at the current stage.They are investment,education and health sector.

Investment-It has the major role to eastablish a firm in any part of the world.But at the same time the scenario behind it has to be taken in cosideration.

Doing business means to take the benifit in future, besides business plan the key factorfor the business section is the business environment of the local area which has to be known earlier. The research doesnot limit in a single area but helps to identify the intresting facts of that area.

Education-People search the better opportunities and want to make the carieer in new areas and want to get education in the better resourse area.At this boundless world everything has been so simplistic,within a click we can reach miles and miles away.But to know them exatly we have to choose the correct partner.The bogus colleges are one of the growing issues in this sector.Which doesnot only spoil your dream,It affects in your entire life as well.

Health Services-The growing conern in the health sector is a good mark to all of us.Sicne the awarness will help to reduse the hazard of this area.But the complicated situation growing eveyday has been challenging to us.To choose the right partner, we have to get the complete information about them.For it the complete due diligence will help to you.Small consideration will cost huge in future.So before partneriing in medicinal and equipment sector or for the furtner health check up prior knowledge has to be taken